Justin Bieber Gets Last Word In New Song: Broken

Well, this is it. You really made him mad!

Justin Bieber reacted to public scrutiny today (Friday February 21, 2014) with the way he thinks he communicates effectively. He released a song aptly named Broken. Bieber’s hip hop pop song is a collaboration with Blake Kelly who hinted a song was in the works weeks ago on his Instagram account. The song comes the same day he tweeted he acknowledged the USA and Canada’s Olympic hockey match up was being meme’d heavily to determine which country would take him based on who won. Canada won. Does that mean we really must keep him?

Justin Bieber rejected by US and Canada

Does the US really have to keep Justin Bieber? Best of three match?

The teen pop star who is a favorite among adolescent girls doesn’t consider himself broken after his string of intercontinental arrests. Instead his song insists no one will break him. Of what is the question even he doesn’t answer.

To the astute bystander, you can’t help but notice the irony in someone that says they won’t give anyone the satisfaction of a reaction by reacting with a song that says they won’t react.

Bieber shows true narcissism clearly thinking his lyrics are powerful and articulate.

Guess they want a reaction.
I ain’t gonna give it to em
Yeah they’re trying to get at me yeah
I ain’t gonna read into it.
Ooo they be persistent
Try to break me down

Oooo I cannot be broken.
I cannot be broken.
I cannot be broken.
I cannot be broken.

They can’t take what’s mine.
Someone like me is hard to find.
Ooo I cannot be broken
Like I knew they were hopin’

Hopin they would change me
Hopin the would make me lose my mind
Way too smart for that

Bieber’s lyrics ramble inaudibly from here but remain defiant in tone with some lines coming off clear:

I ain’t even trying to get away.

From there Blake saves what’s left of the song with a rap. Blake essentially raps as a mouth piece for Beiber about how great he is with money and how hard his life was but he’s just too much man for the world to keep down.

In short if you don’t agree with Bieber, you’re just hatin. What’s best is if you look at his YouTube comments, his true Belieber’s are lapping it up as musical gold.


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