Did You Know That You Can Actually Hire A Bridesmaid?


(PCM) Just in case you feel that you can’t rely on your friends in your time of need as a bride, Jen Glantz has your solution with her company “Bridesmaid For Hire“. After many years of being a bridesmaid in all of her friend’s weddings, Glantz decided to use her knowledge and experience to create a company that allows you to hire a bridesmaid to take on all the responsibilities that your friends may not be able to handle.

Talk about a great idea! When checking out Glantz’s website, we see that she offers multiple packages and various levels of consultation to assist with making a brides big day run as smooth as humanly possible. Glantz says that she can be a “personal assistant-on-call therapist- social director-the ultimate peacekeeper”, as well as offering assistance to the Maid Of Honor as well.

Glantz claims that she has no issues with handling some of the less glamorous aspects of being a bridesmaid such as holding your dress up while you pee and dancing with your drunk uncle during the reception, you know, those things your girlfriends most likely wouldn’t want to do!

Check out the video below to learn more:

Glantz certainly has quite an impressive resume, in fact, she has even written a book about her life as a bridesmaid. It is literally like the plot of the film “27 Dresses” come to life!

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