Man Impersonates His Own Father To Break The News Of His Death To Get Out Of Wedding


(PCM) 23 year old Alex Lanchester of the U.K. met her fiance Tucker Blandford while they were both attending the University of Connecticut back in 2012. The pair dated throughout college and were set to become husband and wife this August, until Blandford decided he wanted to fake his own death to back out of the upcoming nuptials.

Blandford had proposed to Lanchester right after college before she returned Britain. Lanchester accepted his proposal and claims that she purchased a hand-made wedding gown online, paid for the bridesmaid dresses and took care of all the other necessary wedding day details. Blandford told her that he had taken care of booking the venue, which was supposed to be at the college campus where the pair had begun dating.

Lanchester even allegedly book airfare for Blandford to come and visit her to finalize their wedding plans and vacation together before the wedding date. About a week before Blandford was scheduled to arrive, Lanchester received a phone call from someone claiming to be Tucker’s father telling her that Tucker was deeply depressed and had wanted to die, so he threw himself in front of a car and was killed.

Obviously Lanchester was devastated by news and once she got herself together called Blanford’s home phone line back again. This time, however, Blandford’s mother answered the call and revealed that Tucker was just fine and she and the rest of the family were under the impression that the couple had broken up when she returned home to Britain.

Lanchester revealed that she is absolutely sickened by the events that occurred and said that Blandford is both a liar and a coward. She says that she will be spending the couples would be wedding day making new memories without him. Good for her!  It is such a shame that Blandford just could not have been honest about the whole situation, it is totally unfair to lead someone on for that amount of time.

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