Man Mistakenly Texts Probation Officer Looking For Weed


(PCM) A Georgia man has landed himself back in jail again after his mistakenly sent a text message to his probation officer looking for weed.

Alvin Cross Jr. admits that he was under the impression that he was texting his drug dealer when he sent a message that stated “You have some weed?”. It was only after he hit send and it was too late did he realize that the text had been sent out to his probation officer instead.

Cross was on probation after he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for an armed robbery that occurred back in 2006. When the text was received by his probation officer the police conducted a search of Cross’ home and discovered a small bag of cocaine.

Cross plead guilty to his charge for the cocaine possession and as a result will serve another year in prison. Let’s hope he has plenty of time to think about the ways in which we use technology, as it can certainly seal your fate as we see in this particular case.

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