A Man In Texas Pays It Forward For Customers At A Chick-fil-A


(PCM) It truly makes us overjoyed to be able to report on so many of these pay it forward stories that are popping up lately. It truly shows that even if we doubt it sometimes there is still some kindness left in our world.

Recently, a Texas man referred to as “John” took the pay it forward model to a new level when he purchased meals for 88 people at a Chick-fil-A in Abilene this past Monday. “John” drove up and ordered his food through the drive-thru and then handed the cashier $1,000 in $100 dollar bills.

When asked what led to his extreme act of generosity, “John” replied that Monday’s are tough and he truly just wanted everyone to have a good day. The team leader at the fast-food restaurant claims that many of the customers were shocked and the act of kindness even brought one customer to tears.

“John” ended up with a free meal for himself due to his generosity and many people took to social media to express their gratitude including the Chick-fil-A restaurant itself, who urged customers to share their stories.

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