Mattel Reveals A Big Change For Barbie


(PCM) Mattel has long been criticized for the unrealistic body shape of their famous Barbie dolls and it now appears that the company has some major changes underway to meet customers demands.  Mattel has secretly been working on what they called “Project Dawn” for quite some time and have now revealed that the project is complete and very soon Barbie dolls will be offered in a variety of body types including curvy, tall and petite.

Mattel also announced that in addition to the new body types, Barbie will also be available in seven different skin tones, twenty two eye colors and twenty four various hairstyles. They are definitely make huge steps in making their dolls more diverse. Mattel says that they will still continue to manufacture the original Barbie as well, but hope that these new dolls will help battle some of the accusations the company has received in regards to their unrealistic standards of beauty for women.

As more children begin to turn to electronic toys such as tablets, Mattel has seen the sale of Barbie dolls decline, however they hope that these new dolls will spark a renewed interest in the company. The dolls with new body types are currently available for pre-order on Mattel’s website and will ship in February. The company expects to have them on store shelves by March.

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