McDonald’s Accidentally Takes A ‘Cheeky’ Approach With Holiday Cup Design

(PCM) Food and beverage retailers across the nation have been revealing their holiday cup designs. Many seem to be in competition with one another to see which design receives the most popular customer feedback and which better encompasses the holiday spirit.

McDonald’s may have just accidentally caused all of our minds to head straight to the gutter when checking out the “cheeky” new design on the holiday beverage cups. It is certainly stirring up quite a bit of controversy.

Many people (ourselves included) feel that what is supposed to be a pair of mittens featured on the cup actually more closely resembles a persons derriere. Of course the internet is now having a ball with this and we seriously have no idea how this design passed the final sign off from the McDonald’s corporation.

So far the company has yet to respond to the controversy, but something tells us that these slightly NSFW cups will quickly become a ghost of Christmas past!

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