McDonald’s Begins Test Marketing Table Service In U.S. Locations


(PCM) McDonald’s currently offers table service at several of their locations in Australia, Germany and France and given it’s incredible popularity in those countries the company has now revealed plans to test market the table service in 50 locations throughout the U.S.

It is actually a very simple concept that takes minimal effort. The customer enters the McDonald’s establishment, places his or her order at a computer kiosk, and then simply sits down to wait for their food to arrive.

With sales down throughout the entire company across the globe and stiff competition for other fast food chains, McDonald’s is eager to try their hand at something new here in the States that is working out wonderfully in other areas of the world. They are looking to overhaul the customer’s entire dining experience while visiting McDonald’s restaurants.

When ordering from the kiosk, customers will be able to completely customized their hamburgers adding a variety of different toppings, cheeses and bun varieties. We have not yet found list that contains all the U.S. test markets for the new table service, but there is already at least one McDonald’s location in New York City that is currently offering the customizing ordering kiosk.

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