McDonald’s Finally Gives Taco Bell Some Payback


(PCM) When Taco Bell first unveiled their new breakfast menu, they put together some advertising that took a direct stab at fellow fast food chain McDonald’s. It was Taco Bell’s attempt to poke fun at good ol’ Ronald McDonald and attempt to lure consumers away from McDonald’s for breakfast treats.

McDonald’s is now finally giving Taco Bell some payback and offering up free food in exchange for a Taco Bell receipt. Basically, visit Taco Bell for breakfast and then proceed to McDonald’s to trade your Taco Bell receipt for a free Egg McMuffin. Please make note that Taco Bell is the only competitor whose receipt will be accepted.

For one week only McDonald’s restaurants in the northeast are trying out this rather spiteful promotion and are attempting to bring back any of the customers they may have lost to Taco Bell’s breakfast offerings.

It has not yet been determined if any additional McDonald’s restaurants throughout the country will pick up on this bizarre promotion.


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