Men Attempt Birth Control Study And Fail Miserably


(PCM) You may have heard the news regarding research into a new form of birth control injections that are taken by males rather than females. The new male contraceptive showed a 96% success rate, however a recent study was stopped abruptly when 20 male participants dropped out. The best is the reason why they dropped out!

It seems that they could not handle the side effects of the injection which included acne, mood changes, weight gain and the pain of the injection, you know, all those things women have had to deal with for years!

Apparently, the men in the study could not tough it out and we are sure their wives and girlfriends were completely sympathetic when they came home and explained why! Let’s hope the researchers can find a new group of participates who can actually get through the study without wimping out next time, as a male contraceptive is definitely a breakthrough idea.

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