My Weight Loss Adventure Day 88

First let me take a moment to ask your forgiveness for being unable to write this blog yesterday. My body, my stress level and my job took over and it just couldn’t happen. That being said I am going to make this blog a twice a week feature.

Look for me on Saturdays and Wednesdays for the next 5 weeks. Right now I am facing my last class before I graduate from Ashford University with my Bachelors in Psychology. This class is all about research and writing and the amount of reading is huge. I need to spend the time completing this class not only successfully but also with impressively. In other words I really want to leave my last class with nothing less than an “A”.

I really love talking with you all every day and will look forward to doing that again soon. Simplifying my life will be priority for a period. I also had to let my much beloved job at The Disney Store go as well. That is man adventure that will have to wait for another time.

Please remember I am not leaving you completely. I will be here twice a week with reports and fun facts and new information as I still have to follow the weight loss trail. Together we will look at new ways and old ways of getting the pounds off. I am now considering officially starting Weight Watchers, as my own methods have not produced much in the way of results. Their system has worked for many, so they do seem to know what they are doing.

I am thanking you a head of time for your understanding of what I have to do. I look forward to coming back to you daily the week after Thanksgiving. We will walk the mine laden trail of the holidays together.

See ya Saturday.

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