New Dating App Available That Caters To The Chronically Miserable!


(PCM) Everyone know that there are a million and one dating apps and websites out there that cater to just about every personality type. There is everything from Christian dating sites, Farmer’s dating sites and even Disney dating sites, but where is the dating site for those miserable individuals who just hate life? Didn’t they always say that misery loves company?

Look no further than! A website destination and app for singles who are tired of pretending that they enjoy things like cooking, travel, exercise, and all those happy, fluffy things you see on other dating profile sites. was founded by Shaun Price and according to the description on their website “The idea here is for users to get past all the fake statements and false claims that occur in new people meetings, to show true emotional feelings and beliefs before surviving the first three encounters and discovering that this person doesn’t fit your needs or desires. D.M.P. was created to give people with not so perfect lives a place to be honest and comfortable sharing. Who’s life is perfect?”

The site is definitely legitimate (despite many feeling it is a joke) and already boasts hundreds of “miserable” users who are seeking to share their misery with another individual. In fact, has even begun hosting speed dating events in various cities around the country for an even quicker way to weed out all of the B.S. associated with other dating sites and get to know an individual for who they truly are as a person … miserable!

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