New York Bar Sets Up A Self-Service Beer ATM

(PCM) The Randolph Beer located in Brooklyn has come up with an ingenious way to save bartenders a lot to time and aggravation by installing a Beer ATM. The bar which is located in Williamburg, will now feature a wall showcasing a variety of craft beers that will be all self-service. Customers can pour their own beers from a tap whenever they choose.

If you were wondering just how this works, and trust us, it is not by the honor system, the customer hands the bartender on duty their credit card and they are then provided with a another card that they swipe at the Beer ATM which logs in the number of beers they consume that evening. They would then cash out with the bartender at the end of the night. The beer wall even has a function that allows users to decided if they want a 1 ounce taste of the beer variety or a full 12 ounce beer to consume. You then hold the correct size glass to the dispenser and enjoy as much as you choose all evening. It’s that simple.

Randolph Beer has 24 different varieties of craft beer to choose from and half of them are from local New York City breweries. Each variety is properly labeled with name, brewer, country of origin, alcohol percentage, and flavor. You can watch a video of the Beer ATM in action below:

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