Bakery Creates Glow-in-the-Dark Donuts! The Perfect Late Night Snack!

Photo: Black Star Pastry

(PCM) An Australian bakery called Black Star Pastry has created the first glow-in-the-dark donuts, at least we have never seen anything quite like these before! And of course they have named them “glonuts” which is too perfect! When you first get a glimpse of these “glonuts” you may feel that they look like some kind of weird science experiment, however the folks at Black Star Pastry assure consumers that the donuts are 100% safe to eat.

It is vitamin B that gives the donuts their fluorescent color and the glaze is called yuzu glaze. The bakery claims that vitamin B itself can be a bit on the tart side, so the yuzu glaze has a bit of a tart taste as well.  For those that may not know, Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit.

We couldn’t even imagine waking up in the middle of the night and stumbling into our darkened kitchen in search of a midnight snacking and finding these glorious treats waiting for us! It would almost be too good to eat, key word almost! Unfortunately for us here in the U.S. these “glonuts” are only available in Australia, however many are already trying to copy the recipe at home and gives these bad boys a try!

Here’s to hoping we can get our hands on some soon!


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