Ohio High School Student Overdoses On Caffeine


(PCM) Caffeine addiction has been proven to have some dangerous consequences, which is definitely the case in the mysterious death of high school senior, 18-year old Logan Stiner.

Stiner, was discovered dead on the floor of his home back on May 27th, just one week shy of his high school graduation. His death baffled officials who saw no immediate signs of foul play and were informed that Stiner was in excellent physical health.

Stiner’s death was initially assumed to be from natural cause, however upon further examination of a white powdery substance that was found at the home it was discovered that Stiner had died from a caffeine overdose.

The honor student and prom king, had about 70 micrograms of caffeine per milliliter in his blood. It is said the average heavy coffee drinker only has about 3-5 micrograms of caffeine in their blood stream.

The caffeine powder is sometimes used as an additive or enhancement by fitness fanatics and weightlifters for an extra boost. Officials say that one teaspoon of the powder mixed with water can be equivalent to about 30 cups of coffee.

The powdered caffeine is incredibly potent and can be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. It can cause a speeding heartbeat, as well as seizures and the powder is not regulated by the FDA.

Reports indicate that the FDA has been warning consumers about the dangers of caffeine for quite sometime, especially those found in many of the popular energy drinks and supplements that have soared in popularity in recent years.

It is not clear why Stiner was using caffeine powder or for how long. He was slated to attend the University of Toledo in Ohio to study chemical engineering prior to his unfortunate passing.



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