Do You Have One Of The 20 Deadliest Jobs In America?

deadly-jobs1(PCM) The Washington Post has put together a handy chart of the 20 most deadly jobs in America and you may find yourself a bit surprised by a few of them that made this list above others.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the chart reveals that individuals who work in the logging, fishing and aircraft pilot fields have the highest risk for death on the job. However, roofers and heavy equipment operators were up there pretty high on the list as well.

What was a bit surprising was that transportation accidents were responsible for 40% of the death that occurred on the job, while falls, being struck by an object or equipment and homicide make up the rest of the possible causes for death.

It is terrifying to learn that homicides make up 9% of work-related deaths and there is a separate chart that shows the industrys/jobs that are most like to have homicide as the ultimate cause of death.

High on that list are taxi drivers, police officers, food service managers and retail sales supervisors and cashiers. Mostly those particular industries that deal with the public on a daily basis are more likely to be killed by another individual.

Definitely some pretty scary numbers!  Do you work in any of these fields?  How do you feel about the risks you may be taking everyday or have you had a near-death experience while on the job?


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