People Are Horrified Over United Airlines Forcibly Removing A Doctor From Overbooked Flight

(PCM) United Airlines has found themselves in hot water once again only a few weeks after #LeggingsGate just about broke the internet where two young ladies were not allowed to board a United flight due to wearing leggings, as the airline claimed it violated the company dress code policy. This time the airline had a passenger, whom witnesses claim is a doctor, forcibly removed from an overbooked flight so that his seat could be given to airline employees who needed to get to the destination city in order to make their next flights.

In this day and age everything you do can be captured by video at any given time, so of course, as the incident was playing out several other passengers on-board the flight whipped out their cell phones and began recording. The entire incident is just horrific and a bit difficult to watch, as there was certainly no need for the airline to use the amount of force that they did to have the man removed, especially for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

The flight was headed from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to Louisville, KY and was completely full. The airline needed four passengers to volunteer their seats so that the United employees could take them to get to Louisville. United first offered $400 and a free night’s hotel stay for passengers to volunteer to take flight the next day, when they had no takers they upped the deal to $800 and there were still no volunteers. Eventually two passengers agreed to voluntarily give up their seats, however United then let everyone know that the computer would be randomly selecting two other people who had to give up their seats. Somehow this just seems very wrong to us!

Well, the doctor was one of those unlucky people randomly selected by the computer. The man explained to United that he was a doctor and he needed to see patients in Louisville first thing in the morning so he would be unable to give up his seat. This is where things get ugly! Refusing to accept the man’s answer United had security officers forcibly remove the man from his seat and he was then literally dragged off the plane screaming as other passengers looked on in horror.

Not that he should have wanted to after that ordeal, but the man was eventually allowed to re-board the plane and it ended up taking off about two hours behind schedule. We definitely smell another lawsuit for United Airlines over this ordeal … no idea what is going on with them these days!

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