School Expels A 4 Year Old After Mother’s Facebook Post


(PCM) Just one more way that expression on social media can get people into to trouble! A Florida woman has gotten her son expelled from his pre-school over a post that she made on her Facebook wall criticizing the school’s handling of an issue.

Ashley Habat got into a disagreement with the school over their scheduling of “picture day” claiming that parents are not given enough notification, however the school claims that a notice was sent home with her 4 year old son Will about a week prior.

Habat took to Facebook to vent about the incident in a post that read ““Why is it that every single day there is something new I dislike about Will’s School? Are my standards really too high or are people working in the education field really just that ignorant.”

Habat was under the impression that her post was only able to be seen by her Facebook friends, however she failed to realize that she had mistakenly tagged the school in the posting.

Despite the fact that Habat’s son Will had done nothing wrong in regards to the incident, Habat claims that she was called into the school office the morning after the posting on Facebook and was told that her family was not the “right fit” for the school and they did not want Will as a student any longer.

A formal dismissal letter from the Sonshine Christian Academy was sent later and the school stands by their actions claiming that sowing discord and calling the integrity of the school into question via social media breaks several rules in the handbook that Habat signed with enrolling her child in the school.

To us it kind of seems like freedom of opinion is being called into question here and it is a shame that Habat’s son and his education has to be the innocent victim in the battle between his mother, social media, and the school.

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