So you’re not going to cook that? Raw Diets Exposed!

Choices of foods have shifted from quick and easy to veggie-filled, body-rejuvenators. The change of the American diet is partly due to the ever-growing trend of “Going Green,” but have you ever considered going “raw”? Yes, going “raw”! Eating raw foods is a popular way to eat healthy, lose weight and may even decrease the effects of aging.

Raw foodism comes in two forms, either vegetable-based or meat-based. Both diets include uncooked and unprocessed foods. Most raw diets are vegan with variations of platters to fulfill nutritional needs. There are many technical aspects to living an eternally raw life. For one, some raw foodists consider foods that are cooked below 104 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit to be considered “raw” while others eat only the purest, uncooked foods. Freezing is also a popular way to make tasty deserts but some have argued that freezing, along with cooking, eliminates important enzymes that are essential for digestion and absorbing nutrients.

The pros of eating raw are a diet low in oils and fats which improve the health of your heart, skin, and revitalize your energy. Also, shifting from eating foods that are cooked to uncooked lowers your calorie intake which helps aid weight loss. Eating raw has also been tested to see its effects on aging however its effectiveness has not yet been supported. The cons of eating raw are a diet low in vitamin D, iron, calcium, and protein. Bacteria and parasites are also a problem because these are usually eliminated in the cooking process.

Raw foodists are all over the world and have found a place on the internet. Here are a few suggestions of the best restaurants, blogs or recipes to start off a new lifestyle.

Quintessence– This restaurant provides a plethora of unique and gourmet style foods that are vegan, organic and raw. Quintessence is a prime spot when trying new and innovative raw foods, including the “All American Burger”. The location is key because it is in East Village of New York City, so you may stumble upon a few celebrities dining in!– This online store provides all the crucial ingredients for a raw diet. Rawguru provides everything from organic raw carob to wild mountain berries. A plus are the holiday sales that allow you to stock up for less.– This site gives condensed and easy to follow recipes to create your own favorite treats. There is even a recipe for Raw Chocolate Cake, which includes tasty cacao butter and agave syrup for a sweet rush!

Sunfood– The ideal place to go for ingredients when you are a beginning a raw food diet. Sunfood is an easy-to-maneuver site that has all the basic ingredients for a fulfilling raw diet such as Goji Berries to cashews.

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