Is St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Wildly Offensive?

(PCM) Everyone loves a good booze joke, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. However, sometimes jokes can go a little too far and the folks over at are learning the hard way that there are some subjects you just don’t joke about.

The company is stirring up a ton of controversy regarding a St. Patrick’s Day shirt that is being offered for sale on their website that is a blatant and offensive rip-off the “Black Lives Matter” phrase and logo. The shirt in question reads “Drunk Lives Matter” and is printed in nearly the exact same font and style as the “Black Lives Matters” movement.

Whoever thought this was in any way, shape or form a good idea much have had a few too many that day! The shirt sells on for $19.95, which seems a lot of money to pay for a tasteless t-shirt that you can only wear once or maybe twice per year. The shirt’s description reads, “Explore this year’s New York City St Paddy’s Pub Crawl in Style!”. Yeah, we somehow don’t think anyone caught sporting this shirt is going to be doing much exploring on St. Patrick’s Day, unless they plan on exploring a local hospital after getting socked in the jaw.

Let’s think before we dress, people! Something tells us this shirt will be extinct very soon! We know they thought they were being clever, but geez … have a little bit of class! Or least come up with an original design!

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