Texas Mother Kicked Out Of A Restaurant For Changing Baby’s Diaper


(PCM) A Texas woman has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau after she was recently kicked out a Texas restaurant for changing her baby’s diaper at the table.

In fairness to the woman, she did make an attempt to change the baby in the restaurants bathroom, however found that they had no changing table. She claims this gave her no private place to change the baby forcing her to just quickly do it at the table.

The woman goes on to claim that she was dining alone with her baby and her other two daughters who are 4 and 8 years old.  She did not want to drag everyone out to the family minivan for the diaper change so she just made the rash decision to do it on a chair at the table being that she had a changing pad.

It was soon after that the manager of Brother’s Pizza Express made the decision that the mother and her children should be asked to leave the establishment. He claimed that as soon as you open up a diaper you have people begin complaining about the smell of poo. He says that the last thing a restaurant needs is a customer to throw up due to the smell.

The woman claims no one at the restaurant saw her change the baby and that the next thing she knew her food came out in to go containers and her family was asked to leave.

Do you think the woman was in the right due to the fact that the restaurant did not supply a changing table?  Or Is changing a baby out in the open at a public eating establishment just down right disgusting?


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