The Underboob Pen Challenge Is The First Ridiculous Challenge To Go Viral In 2016


(PCM)  The year of 2015 certainly saw it’s fair share of ridiculous challenges from the Kylie Jenner lip challenge to the condom challenge with each one being a little more ridiculous than the last, so of course it would be no surprise that 2016 would kick-off with yet another ridiculous internet/social media challenge as well!

The Underboob Pen Challenge calls for, mostly women, to expose their underboob on social media by posting an image of themselves holding an object, particularly a pen, using only their  underboob (no hands!). We are seriously surprised that some of these images have not been banned yet for being offensive!

The viral trend began as a way to showcase that real women are “endowed” and are able to hold the item in place using their impressive cleavage. Many women have included items other than pens in the challenge and photos have popped up online showing women grasping make-up brushes, flowers and bottle of lotion as well. The photos are usually accompanied by the following text: “Pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman”. Nope, not at all sexist!!!  Let’s hope this viral craze calms down as quickly as it popped up!


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