TripAdvisor Reveals Top Destinations For Travel In 2015


(PCM) As we get ready to welcome in 2015 as the New Year many people are already beginning to think about and plans some of the vacations they look forward to taking throughout the upcoming year.

TripAdvisor has recently revealed their list of Traveler’s Choice Awards for the top destinations in the U.S. and across the globe which are currently on the rise. The destinations were chosen by an algorithm that analyzed the year to year positive traveler review ratings on the site, as well as the positive feedback and increased interest in these particular destinations.

We were surprised to see destinations such as New Jersey and Vietnam top out on this years list!  You can check out the top five below and the full list of predictions here!

For the U.S.:

Wildwood, New Jersey
Nags Head, North Carolina
Prescott, Arizona
Telluride, Colorado
Pompano Beach, Florida


Da Nang, Vietnam
Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Limassol, Cyprus
Ao Nang, Thailand
Bodrum City, Turkey

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