UK Travel Company Reveals Plans To Offer Sand Castle Butlers


(PCM) We think this sounds pretty bizarre as well, however UK-based travel company Oliver’s Travels has revealed plans to begin offering up a personal sand castle butler that can be hired for beach vacations.

The price to hire a sand castle butler runs $465 for a half day and $775 for a full day and they will be available for hire for vacations in the U.K., Spain,Italy,France and Greece. If you were curious about just what the job of a sand castle butler entails it is basically assisting children with brainstorming and building the most amazing sand castles imaginable.

The butler will draw up blueprints for the creation and then work with or without the children’s participation to bring the vision to a reality. The sand castle butler must also inspect the beach of choice to determine and reserve the best quality sand that is away from other beach goers and of course the tide.

In a statement about the job position, Oliver’s Travels co-founder Oliver Bell says “Families spend a lot of quality time together building sandcastles on their holidays, but sometimes no matter how hard you try they just look like big mounds of sand. Now you can realize your sandy dreams with a butler who can help build anything your imagination can conjure up. We’re expecting the most popular choices this year to be the Minions, dinosaurs and Peppa Pig.”

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