The Very First Organic Drive-Thru Restaurant Opens In California


(PCM) Creators of the popular Amy’s Kitchen frozen organic food brand found in grocery stores across the nation have branched out and opened the country’s very first organic drive-thru restaurant called Amy’s Restaurant in Rohnert Park, California. The results have completely exceeded the company’s expectations and they say the demand has honestly been a bit overwhelming.

Consumers can order their favorite Amy’s Kitchen items on the go such as Mac N’ Cheese and gluten-free pizza, however you had best have a bit of patience as it was reported that the drive-thru wait time during the restaurants first week of operation was “really long” at times exceeding 20 minutes. It was also said that the line to get into the actual restaurant to order was just as bad, as the line stretched all the way out the door.

All of the food served in Amy’s Restaurant is sustainably grown and employees are all paid a fair living wage with benefits. Given the success of the first restaurant the company now plans to open up additional locations throughout the Bay Area.

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