Why You Shouldn’t Take Hot Showers

(PCM) As tempting as it may be to take a steaming hot shower in the morning – especially on those freezing cold mornings – it’s not the best idea as far as the health and life of your hair color goes (or your skin for that matter). Very hot water can rinse away natural protective oils, as well as accelerate the fading process for colored hair.

If you can’t resist cranking up the heat, at least try and finish with a cool rinse in the shower, which may help close cuticles and keep the hair color in.

Other color-safe tips:
Start using sulfate-free products, especially shampoos and conditioners
Avoid washing your hair everyday – every other day, or even every 3 days is plenty
Wear hats, head scarves, and use a heat-protective spray with spf when in the sun

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