Celebrate Life Day Is January 22

Balloon-gamesCelebrate Life Day is January 22.  Many years ago there was a sort of joke that was used on a regular basis.  A child would ask, “There’s a mother’s day and a father’s day, how come there’s no children’s day?”  The reply from the adult was always the same, “every day is children’s day.”  And in a way that was true.  Parents in the past spent more time with their kids.  If mom worked at all, it was usually part time and she was home in time to cook dinner and help with homework.  So if you were in a fairly stable family back in the 50s and 60s every day was kid’s day.

Times have changed.  In this day, almost always, both parents are working.  Kids are spending more time on the internet or on their phones instead of interacting with their families.  If it is a single parent family the time for parent child interaction becomes even smaller.

This is what Celebrate Life Day is about.  It is a day to celebrate your children.  This is a day to appreciate them for who they are, to recognize their talents and to spend quality time with them.  It may also be a good day to evaluate your own parenting skills so that your child or children can receive the best you can give.

If you choose, it can also be a day to give gifts to your kids.  It has not been that long since Christmas has been celebrated, so maybe the best gift you can give is yourself.  Spend good time with your kids.  Go on an adventure.  Hike in the woods, Go out on a cold clear night and look at the stars.  Read a book together changing the person reading at every paragraph.

If your children are older take some time to find out if they have goals.  If you already know their goals check to see how the plan is going or, if they have a plan at all.  If you haven’t had the time, get to know your child.  Ask questions; start caring about what they care about.  Guide them into new interests.  If your child loves rap music take some time to introduce him or her to different kinds of music.  This might be an adventure the two of you could go on together.  With the arts being removed from school, the parent will be door which children can walk through in order to experience painting, drama and music.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the lives of your children do it with joy.  Celebrate them and they will celebrate you.

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