British Toymaker Creates Dolls With Birthmarks And Disabilities


(PCM) Makies, a British toymaker, has introduced a line of dolls that offer children with disabilities or perceived flaws to which they are able to relate.

The companies customizable dolls are created using 3D printers and customers can add certain features to them such as hearing aids, walking sticks, glasses and even birthmarks. The customer sends the company an image for the child that the doll is being created for and Makies is then able to tailor the doll directly to the needs of that particular child.

The new line of dolls made their debut last week and already they are being flooded with requests for certain special accessories and the company is more than ready to rise up and meet the demand. The custom Makies dolls sell for approximately $100 dollars, which is about the same prices as other non-custom Makies dolls.

Makies got the idea for the custom doll line after a deaf mom started a campaign on Facebook called “Toy Like Me” which urged toy manufacturers to create toys that were more inclusive to all children and celebrated their differences.

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