Can A Strong Friendship Affect Physical Health And Well-Being?


(PCM) New research indicates that individuals that have the presence of strong friendship in their lives can see some pretty major changes in their overall physical health and well-being. The study looked at health data from 14.000 Americans that ranged in age from adolescence to senior citizens and it was able to determine that individuals who lacked in social interaction and connections scored significantly lowers on common health statistics.  Those statistics included BMI, blood pressure and waist circumference.

The researchers are now trying to pinpoint exactly what causes friendships to be so very beneficial to our overall physical health, but they have shown that the effects can last throughout our entire life cycle. ¬†The study claims that any type of social isolation can have incredibly adverse affects on one’s physical health. In elderly patients the social isolation led to high blood pressure and in adolescents it led to inflammation equal to lack of physical activity.

We all know that deep and meaningful friendships can affect our overall mood and mental health, however we should all truly begin paying attention to the effect they end up having on our physical health as well. Be sure to take some quality time with your BFF soon!

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