Donut Lover Sues Krispy Kreme Over False Advertising


(PCM) Things are not going sweet for donut chain Krispy Kreme, as they are currently engaged in a class-action lawsuit put forth by a customer who is accusing the company of false advertising and misleading business practices. The lawsuit focuses specifically on Krispy Kreme’s “glazed raspberry filled”, “glazed blueberry cake” and “maple iced glazed” donuts.

The former customer complains that Krispy Kreme does not actually use real raspberries, blueberries or maple syrup when creating these donut treats. We can’t say that we’ve ever really thought that much about it when taking a nibble of a delicious Krispy Kreme donut, but hey, to each their own! Should we feel scammed?

The lawsuit states Krispy Kreme is using sugar, syrups, food coloring, and “blueberry gumbits” to “mimic the texture, shape and color” of the advertised flavors. The lawsuit seeks $5 million dollars in damages for customers who were duped into believing they were consuming quality ingredients. We would probably just be happy with a free dozen donuts, but $5 million doesn’t seem so bad either. Will the Hot Light be on?


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