McDonald’s Introduces The ‘Nutella Burger’


(PCM) A select few McDonald’s locations in Italy have introduced the ‘Nutella Burger’ to their menu selections. If you are thinking that a greasy hamburger patty smeared with delicious hazelnut nutella sounds pretty gnarly, you will be pleased to learn that the ‘Nutella Burger’ is actually a dessert item and does not actually contain any meat.

It appears that the ‘Nutella Burger’ is really little more than Nutella spread between two sweet buns, making it more or less just a Nutella sandwich. Sounds heavenly to us!

It is served in a traditional hamburger box that is labeled with ‘Sweety’.  Could the McSweety be making an appearance here in the States?  We wouldn’t get your hopes up too high, but it definitely looks like something that could be easily recreated in your very own home kitchen.

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