Could It Be That We Only Fall In Love Three Times In A Lifetime?

(PCM) There has been a widely circulating belief that states each person will only truly fall in love three times over the course of their lifetime. This may seem like a very small number given the number of relationships that people grow and develop throughout their lives, but we are talking about real true head over heels love here. It is the kind of love that has a significant effect on shaping who you become as a person and each of the three major loves leaves a major impact on your life.

The first of these three loves of a lifetime is ones first love. You could call it puppy love if you like, but it is usually the first serious relationship that a person enters when they are in their teenage years and can often last throughout high school. It is a fairy-tale type of love filled with big dreams and unrealistic plans for the future.  Even if deep within we know that this love will never last, we never plan for it to end. We are still in the process of learning about our feelings and just how to properly express them.

The second of the three major loves is the hard love or the love that teaches us some major lessons. This type of love is the one that we desperately attempt to hold onto even though things are not progressing as they should. We constantly feel that we could change or our partner could change then everything will end up working out in the end. It can be very difficult to understand that you can’t not change a person or mold them into what you would like them to become, and this love always ends in pile of misery and pain. It is from this “hard love” that we learn what we need and expect from the next relationship that comes along. We start to better learn what we are looking for in a partner, so that we can be our best selves and they can be as well.

These “hard love” type of relationships can often cycle over the course of our adult lives and it is not until we’ve had an awakening and eventually break the cycle that we can move on to the third and final love of a lifetime. ¬†This third love is the one that shows up when we least expect it and it is truly the one that we never saw coming. This love is very simple and has no complications. It leaves us wondering what we had been doing our whole lives until this person showed up. There are no expectations or preconceived notions when we find this type of love, but it is the best example of perfection, as everything feels exactly the way it should and many feel as if many aspects of their lives have finally fallen into place. With this third and final love, we finally learn that we are worthy and deserving of true love and we are able to share that with our partner of choice.

While certainly not everyone will experience only three loves in their lifetime, as some will experience many more or many less, there is definitely a pattern that emerges as you compare the descriptions of these three major loves to the various relationships you’ve had over the course of your life and the impact that they have had on you as a person. We all, as human beings, have the ability to create our own love stories, but we definitely have to admit that many of these descriptions are eerily accurate.

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