I’m Sorry, I Can’t Be Your Facebook Friend

“Well maybe if you added me as a friend on Facebook, Adrianna, I’d be able to see the pictures you are talking about,” said my colleague. “Hm, I’m okay. I wish I could add you, but since we work together, I’d prefer you not to see the obnoxious pictures I take on the weekends,” I replied.It feels like social suicide or at least a huge diss in the virtual face not to accept a person’s friend request on Facebook. But, as I get older, I realize that I prefer to restrict who views my profile. Usually I will deny a request if it is from someone I never speak to. For example, a high school acquaintance that I had one interaction with does not equate to someone I’d like to reveal my entire life to.

Another huge example of a person that will be “Denied” is my co-worker.  Although I adore my co-workers and get along well with them, I have a hard time letting them see my profile. I already tell my colleagues my life story, as well as ask them for personal advice. Not only that, but they are only a few years older than I, so we can easily discuss alcohol-related topics or Jersey Shore episodes without judgment.

Given their easy-going nature and young age, you’d think that I wouldn’t mind their seeing my profile. They already know where I live, who I am dating, and where I work – so why does it matter if they see everything else? Well, I don’t really want them to be able to see the outfits I wear on the weekends. It is not like I dress like Christina Aguilera in a “Dirty” video, but sometimes I show a little more skin than the everyday Tahari long-sleeved suit.

Once in awhile I will go to a themed party, which requires me to wear outrageous get-ups that might reveal a little more shoulder or a bit of my mid-drift. Then there are the outfits I wear to the Jersey shore, which require an entirely different dress code. These nights are equipped with big hoop earrings, different degrees of animal prints, and killer heels. I literally mean killer heels as I might die if I get stuck in a sewer grate at some point.

What if I also want to bash work on my wall? Not exactly speak ill of my profession, but vent about something that happened. For example, “Ugh, I have a case of the Mondays- Don’t want to be at work right now!” Or, what if I leave my Facebook up for most of the day, then my colleagues will see me on Facebook messenger?

From my wardrobe, to my statuses, to my constant need to be on Facebook… all contribute to my discomfort in adding colleagues as friends. It wouldn’t hurt to let them see what goes on in my personal life on a deeper level, but I don’t want to come in on Monday and have my colleague hand me paperwork while simultaneously telling me how cute my boyfriend and I looked in our kissy picture on Facebook this past weekend!

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