What McDonald’s French Fries Are Really Made Of

french-fries1(PCM) There has been much speculation over the years at to exactly what McDonald’s french fries actually consist of, many were even curious if they were even made with potatoes at all.

Now McDonald’s has finally revealed just what goes into their french fry creation process and just how they come to get that lovely, yet unnatural golden color.

The list of ingredients that is featured in the video is definitely a little unnerving, however McDonald’s stands by their claim that everything is perfectly safe for consumption.  I am not too sure what Dimethylpolysiloxane or TBHQ actually is, but apparently they are chemicals the fries are dipped in so that they maintain their color and do not gray in the freezing process.

At least the video that shows the McDonald’s french fry creation process does happen to end with the guy actually digging up a potato, finally putting the rumor to rest that there are not actual potatoes in McDonald’s fries.

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