New Peeps Oreos Lead To Some ‘Interesting’ Bodily Reactions

(PCM) Nabisco, the parent company of delicious Oreo cookies, has unveiled Peeps-flavored Oreo cookies as one of their new spring flavors. The Peeps Oreos feature a bright pink creme filling. If you love both Oreos and Peeps this sounds delightful, correct? Well, while no one has yet to complain about the taste, it appears that the Peeps Oreos can leave you with a different type of bodily reaction.

People are beginning to complain that the new Peeps Oreos are turning both their saliva and poop a disgusting bright pink color. Think very unnatural! A food blogger that goes by the name Junk Food Guy had a chance to try the new Peeps Oreos and while he did say that the Peeps Oreos were “a delicious sweet marshmallow Oreo” he later commented, “Dude, the creme turned my saliva bright pink! BRIGHT PINK! This is sort of horrifying – this is the type of food dye where an hour later, when I went to brush my teeth, IT TURNED MY TOOTHBRUSH PINK. What the heck. WHAT THE HECK.”

Don’t eat peeps flavored Oreos guys… #peepsoreos #peepsoreo #pink

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Another person who claimed that they consumed an entire package of Peeps Oreos went into more graphic details claiming that the cookies turned his poop bright pink as well! Thank goodness there is no photo evidence to support that particular claim, but I think we will just take his word for it.

A representative from Oreo has commented on the situation saying, “The Oreo Peep limited-edition sandwich cookies contain a bright pink food coloring, FD&C Red Number 3. We use this ingredient in the product consistent with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Certain foods can temporarily color the tongue and inside of the mouth. This is common with brightly colored products such as ice pops, gelatins and drink mixes, as well as with certain fruits and vegetables, including beets and cranberries. Such foods can also temporarily color stool.”

Hey, at least they are acknowledging it! Would this keep you from trying new Peep Oreos?  Despite the pink poop situation, there is still a slight possibility that we will give these bad boys a try!

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