Parents Freak After Discovering A ‘Kama Sutra’ Guide For Children!

(PCM) While waiting a doctors office in London one parent, Katherine Peck, was shocked when her child picked up a children’s book titled “Mummy Laid An Egg” written by Babette Cole an discovered it was nothing short of a “kama sutra” guide for children.


We all know that it can be incredibly awkward when it comes time for parents to begin talking to their children about sex, and of course, children always have a lot of questions. Many that parents do not even begin to know how to answer, so most likely that is why this type of book was created in the first place. But did this one really have to be so graphic?  That is what has parents freaking out.

The beginning of the book is very innocent and very friendly for children and then by page six things begin to take a turn for the worse. The book goes on to describe a daddy’s “seed pods” and then proceeds to have illustrations the show the many ways in which mommy and daddy “come together” which includes dressing up as clowns, as well as, “using” as skateboard and a spacehopper (whatever that is) and just use your imagination for the rest!

It is all very disturbing and definitely not a book that should be left lying around the pediatricians office! Check out Katherine’s initial post which has been shared over 30,000 times!

h/t: Crave Online

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