If You Thought The Male Romper Was Bad Wait Till You Get A Load Of The New Male Lacey Shorts!

(PCM) It appears as if someone is taking literally every single summer festival clothing trend for women and creating the male version of the same thing and the results are really ridiculous. We recently shared the story about the company who surpassed their Kickstarter goal to create the “RompHim“, which is the male version of a romper and now we bring you a clothing trend that is even more disturbing with the invention of male lacey shorts (and of course they are offered in pastel colors)!

These lacey cargo shorts designed for men are so bad that they actually make the “RompHim” seem like a good idea! The first look we got at this fashion atrocity was on the Instagram account for Sparkie Baby Official  where an image was posted of three men sporting the lace cargo shorts in pastel green, blue and pink colors with a caption that read, “#LaceyShorts for men are here. Would you wear these gentlemen? Ladies would you like to see your boyfriend or husband rock one of these?”

Immediately social media went into a frenzy comment about the male lacey short look. Some were in favor of the style claiming that men should be able to wear whatever they feel like and be comfortable no matter what, while others had a must more negative outlook and begging creators to make the madness with these ridiculous fashion trends cease.

Either way it looks like the lacey male shorts are here to stay and while everyone is certainly free to dress however they please, we can’t promise not to giggle just a little bit at the sheer absurdity of this particular look!

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