Women! Please Do Not Put A Wasp Nest Any Where Near Your Private Parts!

(PCM) We truly feel like this is a sentence we should never have to write, but please, ladies, stop putting wasps nests in your vaginas! This should really go without saying, however a new trend is picking up that urges women to place ground up wasps nests into their va jay jay’s as a way to supposedly tighten vaginal muscles and dry up vaginal secretions. Doctor’s warn that this could definitely do more harm than good and you should definitely not run out and attempt every trend you happen to see online.

While it is not the entire nest that is inserted in the vagina, but rather a ground up version of the next, experts still claim this is not a good idea. You may be wondering just why someone would even attempt this in the first place, we can’t imagine, but it is actually something called the “oak galls” that are attached to the wasps nest that are ground up into a powder. The “oak galls” are best described as balls of bark and wasp excreta that once nurtured a wasp larva.  “Oak galls” are formed when a gall wasp punctures an oak tree and deposits larva and the nest is created.

This still doesn’t sound like anything we would want anywhere near our private regions! The ground up “oak galls” are still selling on Ebay, as several auctions claim that in addition to tightening up and drying the vagina, the powder also removes itching and unpleasant odors. Medically speaking it is never a good idea to try to “dry-up” the vagina, as vaginal secretions are a necessary part of human anatomy. The secretions help protect this incredibly sensitive area of the body and can make sexual intercourse far less damaging and can assist with keeping the area clean to prevent irritations and possible infections.

Word to the wise is that if something doesn’t sound or appear like it was meant to be inserted in our bodies, then chances are it probably shouldn’t be! A wasp nest certainly sounds like one of those things, but hey, to each their own. Be careful out there ladies!


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