Say It Isn’t So! Dunkin Donuts Discontinues Their Famous Coffee Coolatta!

(PCM) Everyone is freaking out over the announcement that Dunkin Donuts will be discontinuing their famous Coffee Coolatta frozen beverages. What in the world will summer be like for us caffeine addicts now?

The Coffee Coolatta was first introduced back in 1994 and has been a Dunkin Donuts staple ever since. Chris Fuqua, Dunkin’s senior vice president of brand marketing said in a recent press conference announcing the Coffee Coolatta’s departure, “Our Coffee Coolatta isn’t good enough!”. Fuqua went on to reveal that the Coffee Coolatta will be getting a replacement in the form of the new Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee, which will be a blended beverage that gets it’s inspiration from Dunkin Donut’s iced coffee drinks and is made with coffee extract, sugar, and dairy.

Don’t get us wrong! We are certainly going to miss the beloved Coffee Coolatta, but we are kind of leaning towards the new Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee to be a better choice. Don’t some of you recall getting a weird aftertaste in your mouth after drinking a Coffee Coolatta? We do and it was kind of gross. The Coolatta was more like a coffee-flavored slushie and we hope the new Dunkin Frozen Coffee will remind us more of a smoothie or  frozen Frappuccino from Starbucks without the insane price tag.

Dunkin Donuts hopes that the introduction of the new Frozen Coffee drinks will help “contemporize” their frozen drink platform and help pave the way for even more new innovations for the company. Rest assured that your favorite fruit-flavored Coolatta beverages will still be available and additional flavors will be rolled out again this summer. Brand marketing manager Anthony Bonitatibus says,  “We have to continue to innovate against coffee, because of its importance to us as a business. We’re always thinking about what is the next big thing in coffee, because we can’t just rest on our laurels.”

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