Shaving Myths Debunked!

(PCM) As we quickly approach the summer season, many women (and men too) find themselves thinking about unwanted hair and whether or not shaving is the best option. There are other options out there such as waxing, laser hair removal and more, however shaving is usually the go to method for getting rid of unwanted hair quickly and efficiently.

However, there are definitely quite a few myths surrounding shaving that for some reason people still tend to believe today, despite scientific evidence supporting the contrary. We are coming to your rescue to debunk some of the most common shaving myths, so you can easily smooth your way into the summer season.

The first myth that has been circulating for years is that shaving your hair will make it grow back in thicker, darker and faster. This myth was debunked way back in 1928 during a clinical study conducted by a woman named Mildred Trotter. She proved that shaving has no effect on the rate and consistency of hair regrowth, it all has to do with an individuals genetics and hormones.

Another myth is that purchasing a new razor will cause more cuts and knicks to occur than with a broken in razor. This, too, is untrue. Shaving a dull razor blade can actually increase the occurrence of kicks and cuts. Razor blades should be changed out fairly frequently to prevent this from happening.

Many people also feel that if they continue to shave over one area of the body again and again it will give them a much closer shave. This is not a fact. Shaving over and over again on one part of the body will irritate the skin in that particular area. Many people also believe that shaving will ruin their summer tan. This too is a myth. It is impossible to shave off a tan, if anything, regular shaving can help preserve a tan by flaking off dead skin cells allowing your tan to shine through.

Some women, in particular, feel that they should only shave to just above the knee. This is simply a personal preference, and it all about what feels most comfortable to each individual person. There is no right or wrong way to go about shaving.

While it isn’t a complete necessity, some type of shaving cream is definitely recommended, as plain soap and water can dry out the skin and lead to knicks and cuts. Shaving cream or gel assists the razor blade with easily gliding over the skin without irritation. There are plenty out there to choose from and most are reasonably priced.

Many men and women fear the dreaded ingrown hair while shaving. They feel that waxing can prevent them, however ingrown hairs can occur equally with both waxing and shaving. The best way to prevent ingrown hairs to be sure that your skin is fully exfoliated prior to shaving or waxing.

Some individuals believe in the myth that shaving everyday is bad for your skin. We can debunk this one by saying if you have fast-growing, thick hair you may be comfortable shaving every day. Plus, shaving with a razor actually helps skin look and feel smoother by exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells. Also, many believe that shaving leaves their skin feeling very dry and flaky when in fact shaving can actually help with this problem. Shaving, especially with a cream or gel, helps skin feel smooth by whisking away your top layer of dead skin.



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