Son Tells His Mother He Will Sell His Kidney On Ebay If She Refuses To Accept It For Transplant


(PCM) Imran Najeeb’s mother,Zainab Begum, was in need of a kidney transplant, however she did not want to accept her sons offer to donate one of his, as she did not want to place her son at any risk.  In order, to get Begum to accept his offer for his kidney he had to create an elaborate lie and threaten to sell his kidney on Ebay to finally get her to accept his offer.

His plan worked, as Begum finally agreed to accept Najeeb’s kidney, as she was curious why he would want to sell his kidney to complete stranger when he could donate it to her. Najeeb had continuously been in contact with the hospital about his offer to donate his kidney to his mother, however he was told unless she agreed he would have been unable to donate.

When Begum first found out she desperately needed a kidney transplant she initially agreed to take her sons kidney however she later changed her mind, as she felt she would never forgive herself if something were to happen to him during the procedure. Over time Begum’s condition began to deteriorate rather quickly and she was forced to be on dialysis. When Najeeb overheard his mother talking to another relative who was living in Pakistan about the possibility of purchasing a kidney and having the procedure done overseas he decided it was time to take action.

Najeeb tricked his mother into believing that he had put up his kidney for sale on Ebay for the price of $10,000 and that a man in China was willing to make the purchase. Because his mother could not read or write in English he was able to pull up the image of a kidney through a Google search and trick her into believing that it was his for sale.

He continued the trick every time that he mother tried to pull back out of the procedure after agreeing to take the organ and just kept telling her that if she didn’t take it, he would relist it on Ebay for another patient. Both Najeeb and his mother made a successful recovery and both continuing to enjoy life each with one kidney a piece!

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