“Sweet Baby Jesus” Beer Pulled From Store Shelves


(PCM) When DuClaw Brewing Company made the decision to name a flavor of their beer “Sweet Baby Jesus!” they had to know that they would be stirring up a certain level of controversy, however they never imagined it would lead to having their product pulled from store shelves.

“Sweet Baby Jesus!” which is a chocolate-peanut butter porter, has received so many customer complaints that the Heinen’s grocery store chain that spreads throughout Ohio and Illinois has made the decision to pull the product from their shelves.

Majority of the customer complaints had nothing to do with the taste or quality of the product, but rather the name which they find to be tasteless. However DuClaw Brewing Company is standing by their decision to use the name saying that it was not meant to be offensive or derogatory and plan to continue using it into the future.

The company says that they name their beers based on the way that they feel to them and they absolutely refuse to censor those feelings. The company has additional beer named Morgazam, Guilty Filthy Soul and Dirty Little Freak.

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