Facebook: It May Be Time to Start Unfriending

(PCM) It may be time to start “unfriending” a few Facebook buddies. It turns out, having hundreds of Facebook friends isn’t exactly a good thing; in fact, it could be bringing you down!

A recent study from Spain found that participants with a lot of Facebook friends – more than 354 – felt less satisfied with their lives after reading friends’ status updates. Those with less friends, on the other hand, felt positive effects from doing the same.

“Facebook gives an unrealistically positive view of others’ lives,” says study author Dilney Goncalves, Ph.D. The more “friends” you have, the more posts you see of people partying, traveling, or bragging about their new expensive cars, increasing the belief that other people are better off than you. “Use your judgment to unsubscribe from contacts who might be making you feel less happy,” Goncalves says.

Haven’t been in contact with someone in 10 years? Delete. Still following people you met briefly in college but never actually spoke to after you “friended” them? Delete. Go ahead, “unfriend” to your heart’s content. Think about it: Does having 400 friends versus 150 really make you feel better about your social status? Probably not, and it’s certainly not worth your happiness.

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