Happy Hot Buttered Rum Day (January 17th)

Hot buttered rum cocktail

(PCM) In the spirit of enjoying hot things on cold winter days, January 17th is celebrated in the U.S. as Hot-Buttered Rum Day.

Like Europe’s hot toddy, hot buttered rum is a spicy-sweet warm cocktail with a long history. But hot buttered rum is a proudly American invention, popular with cold-weather imbibers since Colonial era distilleries learned to turn Caribbean sugarcane into dark, delicious rum.

Classic hot buttered rum is made by adding rum and hot cider or water to muddled (mash-mixed) butter, sugar and spices such as cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and cloves. Decadent, yes, but winter is long and life is short. For something really special, why not try hot buttered rum with vanilla, honey, black tea, ice cream, or anything else that tickles your fancy – you deserve it.  Happy Hot Buttered Rum Day!

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