New Study Claims To Have Determined The Perfect Number Of Sexual Partners


(PCM) There is always that dreaded point in a relationship where it is time for both partners to fess up about the number of sexual partners they have engaged with over the years. It can certainly be the cause of some anxiety, as many people worry about their number being either too high or too low and it can be incredibly difficult to determine which number is just right. Well, you can now relax, as some British researchers claim that they have now determined the perfect number of sexual partners which seemingly provides a happy medium.

The research, conducted by website Illicit Encounters, shows that the perfect number of sexual partners is 1o, which they feel is neither too hot nor too cold. The study found that 1o sexual partners gives individuals enough knowledge to be considered experienced at a very balanced level. Under 10 would leave a person inexperienced, while over 10 could be considered promiscuous.

Some other factors that the study uncovered was that between 8-12 lovers was by far the most popular answer and men, in particular, are more wary of women who had a score higher than 10. Also, any figure above 20 was a big turn-off to men and women.  What do you think? Does the study seem accurate? Certainly debatable!

**Please note, video contains some NSFW language** (We couldn’t help but think of the this infamous scene from the Kevin Smith film “Clerks”)



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