The Oddest Beverage Of The 90’s, Zima, Is Making A Comeback!

(PCM) Children of the 90’s generation can rejoice as their malt beverage of choice, Zima, will be making a comeback very soon! The citrus-flavored malt liquor beverage was incredibly popular given it’s clever ad campaign in the early 90’s, however after some changes were made to Zima’s initial formula, it eventually made it’s way to the retirement heap, but not for long!

Zima will be coming back for a limited time only, but we assume that if the popularity soars again then it will be offered once again for a longer period of time.  According to a MillerCoors spokesperson, the Zima has already been manufactured and sent out to distribution warehouses.

Despite being taken off the market in the U.S. in the late 90’s, Zima still remained a popular beverage of choice in Japan where it has been consistently available. ¬†With the help of, we have gathered a few fun facts about Zima in anticipation for it’s upcoming relaunch .

  1. Zima was named after the Russian word for ‘winter’ by ad writer Jane Espenson. Espenson would later go on to write for the HBO series “Game Of Thrones”. Seems appropriate somehow!
  2. When Zima was launched in 1994 it tested well with bar patrons, however it turned out that they were only curious to try Zima and never ordered any second rounds of the drink.
  3. Zima became the subject of a many, many jokes from David Letterman, who suggested that it was the preferred beverage of kooky senators, Santa Claus, and the ghost of Elvis. The brands commercials were also pop culture gold, as they were completely zany.
  4. Zima was always more popular with women than with men. The company tried to launch Zima Gold, but it failed miserably.

Will you be running out to grab some Zima and a bit of 90’s nostalgia?

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